• To be awake and conscious of what is happening internally and externally, and to be aware of the impact of our thoughts, words, and deeds.
    • To be a great leader—and not just a good leader—is to BE self-aware.


    • We create the world we live in through a shared understanding of language and culture.
    • Only with mutual trust, respect, active listening, and speaking intentionally can truths be expressed and heard. It is only in listening deeply that individual and/or group change can happen, and where suffering is alleviated and healing takes place.


    • True learning and behavioral change can only happen when a new habit is formed. That happens not just from reading a book or attending a class, but through learning that is practiced and embodied (i.e., that takes place from the “neck down”).
    • Learning is lifelong and entails a balance of reflection and action.


    • We work with the mind, body, and heart of each person.
    • We assume that wisdom resides in everyone, even if we have lost sight of it.
    • We trust that each person is committed to his or her well-being and development.

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