" Coaching, you see, is not telling people what to do. It’s giving them a chance to examine what they are doing in the light of their intentions and to develop some new competencies".

~ James Flaherty,
Coaching: Evoking Excellence in Others

Coaching facilitates integral, developmental changes that involve the head, heart, and body. The process engages all of our faculties, thus cultivating a more informed awareness of our internal and external environments, including how we view the situation, our emotional terrain, what we are feeling in our bodies, the relationships that support us, and our interconnectedness with others in the world.

Working one-on-one or with teams (both on-site and in workshops or retreats), Being & Becoming partners with clients to identify the new behaviors they want to practice. We then work together to implement a plan of action designed to achieve lasting change, with an ultimate goal of helping them maximize their potential both personally and professionally.

Clients seeking Being & Becoming coaching services often find themselves asking deep questions about their personal and professional lives, including how to:

  • Be more authentic and connected in personal and/or professional relationships
  • Communicate and influence more powerfully
  • Lead more effectively and deliver impactful results that add value to the team/organization/family/community/world
  • Integrate, balance, and be more intentional in our actions
  • Make choices that align with our values, beliefs, and existing personal and/or professional circumstances

In addition, when it comes to the business world—where rapid change, information overload, and technologies enabling round-the-clock availability have resulted in a more competitive environment—effective coaching can mean the difference between running in place and breakout success, or even between success and failure.

Whether using coaching services for personal or professional reasons (and many of our clients use Being & Becoming for both), those who have worked with us report feeling more grounded, balanced, and self-aware, and tell us they enjoy an enhanced sense of meaning, fulfillment, and well-being. They also display greater confidence and an increased ability to achieve success.

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