We offer a variety of services, all of which are tailored to your personal needs or the needs of your organization. No matter what type of coaching you choose, our goal is the same: new competencies, greater awareness, an increased sense of meaning and fulfillment, and long-term (i.e., sustainable) change.

Executive and Personal Coaching: A good coach helps clients to determine what is challenging and energizing; to envision new possibilities; and to effect change by utilizing inherent skills and talents, and by building new competencies. It also cultivates greater awareness, meaning, and fulfillment on a personal and/or professional level. Individuals best served by one-on-one coaching include:

  • Executives in transition who are
    – Launching a new business venture
    – Gearing up for a promotion
    – Relocating to a new country or culture
    – Preparing for retirement, or other life change
    – Learning new skills
    – Facing career uncertainty
    – Seeking greater balance and integration in life
  • Leaders seeking to more effectively maximize their skills and navigate the complexities of running a team, business, or organization
  • Anyone desiring greater self-awareness, confidence, and composure
  • Individuals in transition

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