Strategy & Team Development

Being & Becoming’s approach to team development, which includes custom-designed workshops and retreats, is grounded in the belief that everyone on the team is a leader. We assist individuals within the group to identify their leadership abilities and explore appropriate pathways for expression of those qualities.

While engaged in any particular business, we’re intimately involved in the situation. We call upon our innate and learned knowledge of the issues or material at hand, a strategy that often occurs at the expense of attending to the human dynamics also at play. We may lose perspective of the team or, conversely, of what each individual has to offer. Group coaching is particularly effective for:

  • Team formation
  • Identifying or redefining/updating an organization’s mission, core values, goals, strategic planning, and/or customer needs
  • Improving team cohesion, communication skills, and conflict resolution
  • Increasing trust, collaboration, and effectiveness
  • Navigating changes in team personnel or organizational dynamics

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